Welcome to LU.MA.TOS

The car rental LU.MA.TOS was founded in 2005 as an individual firm to family. The first purchase was a minibus 9 seats. Later on other purchases ( including trucks ) have allowed us to expand the offer also to neighboring companies. Two years ago the transformation of the car rental company LU.MA.TOS sas.
Simultaneously a evolution of offerings with an expansion of the fleet of vehicles: cars of various displacement, dimensions, c/s automatic transmission, delivery vans of various sizes, dump trucks large and small, lorry arched roof for the large transport and finally, several minibus (9 seats, which also have a bike rack for cyclists or simply for your holidays in the company.
The car rental LU.MA.TOS  sas is able to provide rental both in the short term and long-term and will be at your disposal for personalized quotes to suit your needs.
Prices LU.MA.TOS sas are inclusive of comprehensive insurance on most of the means, fire and theft, road rescue free ACI.
Don't hesitate to Contact us to request a personalized service. We will be happy to help you meet your transportation needs.